fishes and loaves

Fishes & Loaves is an Outreach Ministry of The Warwick Methodist Church. It was started in 2007 by giving out 24 baskets of food to needy families in Warwick at Thanksgiving. We now have 115 families as clients and we are giving out 260 bags of groceries each month.

Through the generous support of our church members, some government funding as well as other people and organizations in our community, we are totally dedicated to providing for the needy people of north Worth and south Crisp counties.

It is the desire of our ministry to reach out to the least by providing food for families and those in need. We also have emergency supplies for families who have had catastrophes, such as fires or storm damage to their homes. We have as our theme "To further the Kingdom of God" by doing "What Jesus Would Do."

Our staff at Fishes & Loaves is totally voluntary with no one receiving any monetary compensation. However, in our "Giving Out Blessings" we are also "Receiving Blessings." Our staff also includes other community volunteers as well.